Beneath The Lighthouse is an amazing puzzle action game

Beneath The Lighthouse is an amazing puzzle action game about a special boy in search of his lost Grandpa. The story is beautiful and there are big chances to surprise you. To be more precise, the journey will take you through the mysterious mechanical wheels that lie beneath the lighthouse and there’s one more thing. When your head is bigger than your body and more round than a bowling ball, you definitely look adorable and the gamers will love you!

This new puzzle platform game from Nitrome knows that, so let’s take a closer look into the story!

Always looking for the lighthouse to give him peace, the hero is distraught one night to find that the peaceful wave of light is nowhere to be found any longer. This is a huge problem for all the ships sailing at night, but the one who is supposed to keep the lighthouse running is his beloved grandfather, so the issue gets even bigger.

Sailing out to the island to solve the mystery, the boy finds two things… his grandfather’s hat and a deep hole in the ground which he promptly falls into. Up to this point, you basically have to drag the screen in circles to turn it and the screen will rotate accordingly while the boy rolls along the scenery, avoiding the dangers from his path. As you spin the room, you affect everything in it, so be careful how fast or how much you turn. Each section is divided into three areas and you have no more than three lives, so be careful.

When you run out of lives – and this will definitely happen sooner or later – you have a choice of starting all over again in the first section, or choosing between sharing info about the game or watching a short commercial to start in the room you died in – which I prefer doing every time! Being a Nitrome game, the difficulty is very high – this comes as no surprise – and so you’ll die a lot as you’re trying to move the boxes full of crabs out of pinching range, or when you want to keep the mines from crashing and so on.

This is a free-to-play game, but purchasing the game will unlock more options than you can imagine – the premium version has no 3rd party ads and cross promotion adverts for other Nitrome games, but the choice is all yours! Take the Beneath The Lighthouse Game from here and give it a try!

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