Ting Back-ups Nexus 5 Worldwide

Ting can be the carrier you would choose to bring the Nexus 5 on your door steps for Christmas this year. In case you do not know who Ting is, it is actually a mobile virtual network operator, simply MVNO, that closely work with the Spring network.

Ting is well-famous for its low-priced plans; the company has set a two-step purchase process: first, buy the Nexus 5 directly from Play Store and order a SIM card from them afterwards. Ting has set a “priority list” with all the SIM offers available. Just click the Ting`s website and fill in your data concerning name, phone number and email. Also mention if you own a Nexus 5.

Why mentioning this? On their blog, the guys from Ting announced that they are backing-up the Nexus 5. A strong phone company needs to be supported by a company that can deliver the device. And Ting has made a profit out of it. So the carrier is very proud to have it on their platform and carry it out all over the world.

Ting Google Nexus 5 Release Date

Ting Google Nexus 5 Release Date

Ting is very flexible in terms of prices and rates. You can pay as low as $6 a month for the smart. You can choose up to 3000 minutes available, texts up to 6000 and also data that can go up to 3 GB. Changes during the contract period are also allowed. Just feel free to change the charges if you are home and rely on your WI-Fi, or turn it to a big data plan in case you have a business trip to undertake outside your home area.

Unlimited options are available for your Nexus 5 with Ting carrier. Just make sure you visit their site for further information. The ball is in your court. Make sure you read this article carefully and decide on what`s best for you after. Cheers!

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