F—Colors and its 60 High-quality Greyscale Wallpapers

When was the last time you changed your Android wallpaper? I bet that it has been a while since you done that, so don’t waste any more time and stop postponing something that it’s necessary! Why not take a break from what you are doing and browse for a new wallpaper? We spent the day browsing the internet for some amazing Android wallpapers and you have no idea how fun it can be.

But if you don’t have the time for that, let me come with a suggestion that might be just what you are looking for. Keep on reading to find out if I am right or not.

I am thinking of none other than F—Colors which provides 60 high-quality greyscale wallpapers. All wallpapers are stored in cloud storage and can be downloaded on your phone’s storage. I know that this number is not that impressive, but keep in mind that the developer promises to add no less than 10 wallpapers every single week and to get these newly added wallpapers you don’t have to update the app as long as all wallpapers are cloud-based.

Even more, the app is extremely lightweight, fast and smooth and the Save and apply feature is definitely a plus to take in consideration. And if the wallpapers are taking a long time to load, don’t you imagine that the app is slow, but it’s better to be patient. They are very high quality and this it means that they might take some time to fetch on first launch.

If there are no new wallpapers appearing in app, then you should refresh, or uninstall then reinstall the app. And if things are the same even after that, then do not hesitate to email the developer at [email protected] and you will receive help.

F—Colors can be taken from here. Check out this amazing app known as F—Colors and let us know what you think in the comments area from below.

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