Fingerprint Gestures – Features and Requirements

There are so many things to that we love about Google Pixel, but the Fingerprint gestures is among the best of all. I don’t know if you are aware of this or not, but Google Pixel’s fingerprint scanner is used to perform some extra function other than unlocking the device. If you are the owner of a Pixel handset, you can swipe down your finger on the scanner to pull down the notification panel.

What if you don’t own a Pixel device? If you own a device running on Android 6.0+ or a Samsung device that runs on Android 5.0+, an app known as Fingerprint Gestures can help you.

To be more precise, Fingerprint Gestures bring this functionality to any device with a fingerprint gesture running at least Android 6.0 and adds something extra to what you are used to. With this special app, feel free to configure tapping, double-tapping, or swiping on your device’s fingerprint reader to perform a variety of functions such as media controls, opening an app, opening quick settings and so on.

When it comes to requirements, your handset must run at least on Marshmallow or higher with a fingerprint sensor. A fingerprint sensor is supported if the device manufacturer implemented Google’s fingerprint API. And if you own a Samsung device, then Samsung Pass API is also supported and your device must run at least on Lollipop. And don’t forget the fact that root is also needed to control extra functionality, but this is no longer a problem for many Android users who understand the advantages that come along with such a procedure and don’t fear any more of trying. I just hope that you are one of them as well!

The app is perfect for regular use and I think I’ll be keeping it for a very long time. You can give it a try too by entering here and let me know if you like it or not.

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