Group photos by Time, Location or File Path with Tidy – Photo Album

Many basic photo gallery apps do not come with the features that you are looking for or are just look far from elegant. This doesn’t sound too god, but there is a positive aspect in this: Android is a popular platform and, as a result, there’s a variety of different photo gallery apps to choose from. For something as basic as gallery management, there are some intuitive options that might surprise you if you know where to look and if you have the necessary time to do it right.

Whether you want a professional photo gallery app straight from Google or a small-scale photo gallery from an independent developer at the beginning of his road, Google Play always has something for you.

Tidy is a feature-light tool that you must take in consideration at this chapter! As you can guess from its name, Tidy – Photo Album is a free app for Android which lets you tidy-up your smartphone of all your photos and videos in simple finger swipes.

The interface for Tidy Photo Album is simple and easy to understand, but you can go through a quick tutorial when you first open the app if you feel the need to get some help. Once you’ve imported your photos, just select a sorting method.

So, the app that I am telling you about successfully combines nimble auto-sorting filters as well as gesture controls to quickly sort your mobile photos into albums that make finding any photo a piece of cake.

You can group photos by time, location or file path, quickly sorting the majority of your photos into convenient location- or event-based albums. Unsorted photos are helpfully sent to an “Untidy” bin. From there, choose individual photos and then swipe left to archive them, or swipe right to send them to an album (or create a new one), making mobile photo organization a snap.

No less important are the app’s built-in tools such as Rotate, Crop, Filters, Color Correction, not to mention the integrated social networking support such as with Twitter, Facebook, Instagram!

Are you ready for cleaning up your photo and video gallery? If you are, then take the Tidy Photo Album from here!

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