Save Time and Money on your purchases with Slice – Shopping Organized

Get your shopping organized with the help of an amazing app which is perfect for your Android! Do you think that you don’t need such an app? Let me just tell you that you have no idea about what you are missing!

Slice – Shopping Organized is a free app for the Android OS that will prove to you that I am right. This is an app which lets you do more for your shopping experience and convenience, so read the next lines and decide if it could help you or not!

To be more specific, Slice includes price-drop alerts, package tracking and e-receipt management. The app links to your Gmail or Yahoo account to automatically pull out and organize your receipts, shipment information, tracking numbers, as well as ETAs, being so helpful when you don’t have the time for all these.

The app also lets you track your shipments on a map and sends notifications when prices change on products you are usually tracking. Even after your package is delivered, Slice monitors for recall alerts and price changes, helping you get a refund on items with low-price guarantees! As for the special ONLINE SHOPPING ORGANIZER , note that it monitors purchase activity by tracking spending habits, categorizing products purchased, saving receipts to facilitate returns, exchanges and warranty claims.

Like that, you can basically organize all your e-receipts with one handy piece of software. And if you are wondering about the chance to have it, well, let me tell you that Slice is completely free, just waiting for those like you to try it out! So, you have nothing to loose if you choose to take it into your device too!

With these being said, I can only encourage you to take Slice – Shopping Organized from here as soon as possible and save some time and money on your purchases.

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