Have Fun with Trolls vs Vikings

If strategy games are your thing, then Trolls vs. Vikings might be your next thing. You have come to the right place to open your eyes to the truth about the wondrous world of trolls and the pesky Viking invaders! This is a strategy and tower defense game which is quite similar to the Plants vs Zombies. The unique aspect which this game carries is its versatility in character and design. It also refers to the ancient rivalry between Trolls and Vikings and it features a distinct story design that will definitely let you.

The Vikings are invading the lands of the peaceful trolls and they are not alone! They brought their gods along with them, so things don’t look at all good at a first look. It is up to you to coordinate a defense against the Viking onslaught in a fun tower from where you can change the world!

So, get ready for some action and fun cause Trolls vs Vikings is one of a kind! Since you are in this amazing journey across the mythical world of Midgard, where peaceful Trolls and magical creatures face Vikings and their Gods, it’s time to unlock Hard mode, discover an all new game, lovable and active units, more fun, as well as more action.

As developers claim, they love this genre, and have made a game that they really like to play. That’s often the key to success and their passion is obvious! It is so simple to see why Trolls vs Vikings has been a top 5 strategy game in more than 70 countries, and top 10 in almost 130!

So, do you want to try it out as well?

If so, just take Trolls vs Vikings from here. The game is really enjoyable and fun – this is what I know and so many other players think the same thing too, but do you agree?

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