Survive – Wilderness survival: decide your Next Actions for Surviving

There are plenty of Android games that show you the bright side of life. They are fun to play and they make you forget about your sorrows, but maybe sometimes you need something that gets you closer to reality; a reality that you might or might not be prepared to face.

Such a game is Survive – Wilderness survival and I want to tell you more about what you should expect to get from it. This is all about Wilderness survival themed simulation where you need to decide what to do next if you want to see the sunlight again.

You can decide what action is most crucial for you in order to survive: building a shelter, finding food or water, traveling, collecting firewood and you will see that these aren’t too easy to achieve! So, this is definitely not a feel good Android game, but one that makes you think twice about what matters the most in your life or about how lucky you really are. You’ll be dropped into a blighted world and be left to figure out your own path, making fatal mistakes and feeling discouraged before coming to the conclusion that life is so precious!

Even more, getting back at the game, let me tell you that Survive – Wilderness survival can be played offline too which is a major advantage if you do not have an internet connection all the time.

And the update 188 should be nothing more than a part of the past. Even the developers stated that it was a failed experiment where the leg destroyed everything what players love about the game. However, the update to 196 is a different story as it brings things back to normal!

The game is dripping with pathos, but I couldn’t invest myself emotionally in it, because it still feels like a game. However, the developers claimed from the start that their game is intended for entertainment only and nothing more than that. So, make no confusion to think that this could be a course in wilderness survival and do not think to try any of these measures without instructions from an actual expert.

Regardless of its shortcomings, Survive – Wilderness survival is a hugely powerful game. Therefore, I can only encourage you to give it a try on your Android device! It is a unique experience, so if you’re looking for something different, don’t miss it.

Take Survive – Wilderness survival from here.

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