Follow the fisherman Billy in Ridiculous Fishing

Have you heard of Ridiculous Fishing? The game was developed and published by Vlambeer—Rami Ismail and Jan Willem Nijman and released for Android almost four years ago. Some say that Ridiculous Fishing is by far the greatest game of the last years and I will let you decide that.

Just as the name sounds, the Android game that I am telling you about is really ridiculous, but don’t me wrong: it’s strange, but in a good way. I can bet you haven’t played a game similar to this. Well, this game is all about fishing with machine guns, chainsaws and even toasters.

I know that you might think that this is not possible, but the game is here to prove you the opposite. You practically have to follow the fisherman Billy in his attempt to find redemption from his uncertain past. What does this has to do with fishing? Well, pretty much everything!

The game is about casting the fishing line, catching fish, and shooting the fish in the air. So, you must basically cast the line and tilt the device to avoid the fish as the hook sinks. Upon hooking a fish, the hook ascends and you tilt the device to catch as many fish as possible en route to the surface. Above water, the fish are launched into the air, so act out fast and tap the screen to shoot the fish out of the sky to earn money before they fall into the water.

The game features hours of gameplay including a never-ending arcade mode, amazing weapons, fishing gears, and accessories. Note that the fish differ in characteristics including swim pattern and the number of shots required to cash in. The jellyfish shot detract from the total income. There are four stages, each with its own visual and audio theme and rare fish, as well as an endless mode where players can work towards the highest score.

Earnings can be spent in a store towards persistent upgrades such as longer fishing line length, fuel for the chainsaw, bigger guns and so on. There is also a Fish-o-pedia in Billy’s smartphone that gives gameplay hints and tracks stats such as fish caught.

And I must tell you that the fishes turn into hats. Hmm, that sounds weird, but the game itself is strange, so don’t be that surprised!

Take Ridiculous Fishing from here and remember that there are no in-app purchases.

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