Take 2 Photos at once with your Note 8 Smartphone

Last year, after Samsung was forced to recall millions of hazardous Note 7s, many people thought the Note brand was finished. Despite of that, Samsung’s long-awaited sequel to the explosive Note 7 is here and it is totally worthy of our full attention.

Well, this is one of the strongest Android phones of the moment, especially for power users, the battery is cured (yes, you can rest assured that the past stays in the past) and the Note 8 has a wide-angle 12-megapixel f/1.7 rear camera sitting next to it is a second 12-MP f/2.4 telephoto lens, which has a 2X optical zoom, and a 10X digital zoom.

Even more, an optional Dual Capture mode on the Note 8 lets you snap both a zoomed-in photo and a wider-angle shot at the same time. Yes, you can basically take no less than 2 photos at once with your Note 8 smartphone.

Samsung once said this is to let you capture both a close-up of a person, but not miss out on the wider vista behind them and I totally agree with the Korean manufacturer. This is indeed a great idea.

In Dual Capture mode, both rear 12-megapixel cameras work together to take two shots – at the same time – and it saves both images. To be more precise, one will be a close-up photo from the main telephoto lens (now with 2x optical zoom), and the other a wide-angle shot that reveals more of the background.

After the photo is taken, feel free to toggle between the two to see which one you’d like to keep. The choice is always yours, you know! And be sure of the fact that I have also heard those complains about the fact that you can’t actually compose a shot well for both the zoomed-in and wider-angle pictures at the same time, yet you will see the opposite, just try out Dual Capture mode.

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