How to Enjoy Fast language translation on your Note 8 Phablet

Samsung has bounced back after the Galaxy Note 7 disaster and it released the excellent Galaxy S8, as well as the amazing Galaxy Note 8, the S8’s bigger, squarer and stylus-packing brother. Oh boy, what to choose between these two devices? If the Note 8 phablet is the one siting in your hands, then I am sure that there is no buyer’s remorse there.

The handset is amazing and today I want to remind you the fact that Samsung has done a lot of work on the S-Pen and its capabilities in recent years. Here we definitely get the best. When you take out the pen, it triggers a various possible functions to choose from such as creating notes, translating foreign languages or annotating screenshots.

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Things could not be better when it comes to translating foreign languages with the help of the device. In the past, the S-Pen allowed you to highlight text and have it translated from one language to another – but now you can use the stylus to hover over words on the screen and it will quickly translate it for you. Or select entire sentences to be translated to one of the 30 languages available.

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And it doesn’t just work on websites, but you will be surprised to see it working on photos too. All you have to do is to take a photo of an Italian menu, then pull out the S-Pen and hover over the text. Do you see how easy it can be? I told you so!

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