Learn to Hide Number on Samsung Note 8

You remember that the Galaxy Note 7 had a defective internal battery design that caused it to randomly catch fire. In such conditions, Samsung was forced to recall the phone, not once, but twice, and pull it from the market, so I was a bit skeptical about the Note 8 handset, you can imagine that.

However, there is no buyer remorse in my case and I hope that in your either.

It seems that the Galaxy Note 8 model and Samsung wants to permanently put the Note 7 fiasco in the past and I think that it succeeds. However, it is also up to you to make the changes that you want from your device in order to get the best out of it. This guide is an ideal example for that.

Learn to Hide Number on Samsung Note 8:

  1. First of all, go to the Home screen;
  2. Then, tap on the Telephone;
  3. Now, it’s time to select More;
  4. Access Settings;
  5. Head to More Settings;
  6. Identify and Tap on the Demonstrate My Caller ID alternative;
  7. At the end, you must tap on Shroud Number.

The Caller ID on Samsung Note 8 should be no secret to you, so that’s what you should do:

  1. For the start, from any Home screen, you have to tap Phone;
  2. Then, tap 3 dots > Settings;
  3. Up next, you have to tap More settings;
  4. You must now search for Alternate Settings area;
  5. Some place under this area, you can find a passage named as “Your Number.” Select it and you will be confronting no less than three alternatives:
    Network default
    Hide number
    Show number
  6. After you choose Shroud Number, this setting will be consequently sent to guide association with the portable administrator. In such a case, all your future calls will be started with the caller ID covered up, obviously, until the point when you choose to return to these settings and select the Show Number choice.

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