Learn to Enable OTG on your Oneplus 5T

OTG is a good feature in most of the modern devices in the present time. Despite of the fact that you can choose between a wide range of methods for transferring the data from one handset to another or from device to PC, the fact cannot be denied that a cable connection is always a better one than the wireless.

Well, the OTG support is something that many prefer over other methods. It’s not just because the data can be transferred quickly, but at the same time, you forget all about your usual worries about connection termination which causes severe delays. Even more, there are plenty of people who simply use OTG just because it is easy to connect a Console controller to the widget which in fact let them enjoy their favorite games.

When it comes to your OnePlus 5T device, the OTG feature is available by default but it needs to be accessed from the settings. So here is what you need to do and I can assure you that there is no need to wonder if this is a simple task or not. The below detailed tutorial speaks for itself.

Learn to Enable OTG on your Oneplus 5T:

  1. For the start, you have to enter into Setting;
  2. After that, you must scroll down to the System Section;
  3. You will find an “Advanced Option”. Do you see it? Simply tap on it;
  4. After this, tap the OTG storage option. This will enable OTG on your OnePlus 5T, just as you have wanted in the first place.

If you ever change your mind, it’s perfectly normal to do that, so don’t hesitate to disable it anytime in the similar manner as presented above. The choice is all yours this time too!

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