Wood-backed Moto X Spotted on Verizon

Back in August, @evleaks had informed us that the Moto X’s price would drop to $99 and we would have the chance to buy an actual wood back for this device this fall. It is true that the device is now available for no more than $99 if you buy it from Moto Maker, but it is already December and no other information had appeared about the second part of that news until a few days ago. So, it is once again @evleaks that has posted a photo of the Moto Maker website preparing not one, but actually four wood panels for its Moto X device: Bamboo, Ebony, Rosewood or Teak – the best is that the same has been leaked with Verizon logo on the back.

Just according to the initial rumors, choosing a wood back will up the Verizon smartphone’s price by no more than $50, so you won’t have to pay a fortune for something which is indeed innovative and unique. We cannot tell you for sure if these wood back are comfortable as the regular colored backs, we just have to wait until we are going to have them on our hands.

Wood-backed Moto X

Wood-backed Moto X

But we certainly hope that something that we have noticed in the picture will turn out to be wrong after all. We are referring to the Verizon logo placed on the bottom that could be only a sticker and not actually etched into the wood, as our source has also suggested.

There isn’t any word on a specific releasing date yet, but we can tell you that the Teak, Ebony, Rosewood choices are currently listed as Coming Soon, so we can only guess that we won’t have to wait too long in order to have them. Things are though a little different for the Bamboo option which is delayed from unknown reasons, so only in this case it could take a little longer to arrive.

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