Give your Brain a Workout with Reflection

There are plenty of ways to give your brain a workout, yet a game is ideal for that. Puzzle games come in various shapes and sizes – and you’ll find them all in Google Play, just waiting for some users who want to have some fun. If you have a hard time when it comes to picking from many different types of puzzles, be sure of the fact that I totally get you, so here I am to help you.

Reflection, a new game from XDA Senior Member MaartenXDA, is a geometry-based puzzle game that cannot disappoint those into this genre. Light Up is a logic puzzle with quite basic rules and challenging solutions. Even though the rules are simple, don’t you imagine that this is a game for a boring Sunday afternoon.

The main goal is to hit every wall with a large white ball, but as I have told you, don’t let yourself fooled into thinking that there is nothing complicated in that. Quite the opposite, the simple game that some imagine can easily become increasingly challenging as you progress onto more and more obstacles and things could turn out to be crazy.

And there is something else that I like about this Reflection game. Let me tell you that the game is completely free, but this doesn’t mean that you cannot donate in-game if you want to support the developer. The choice is always yours, yet some of you could easily spare of a few bucks to thank those who are making their life easier and funnier.

With these being said, Reflection waits for you on Google Play store.

Take your time to try it out and let me know if it is the challenge that you’ve been looking for or not. If it is not, then there are always plenty of other puzzle game options for those like you such as Strata and Flow, so keep on exploring.

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