Monitor Real-time Air Quality with Air Quality Index BreezoMeter

Summer is here and this means fun, sun and long trips, as well as targeting health and wellness. As technology giants such as Google get more and more serious about remaking the health-care sector, we also learn to use our phones to monitor our health and the quality of our life. A specific area is dedicated to the air that we breath, so often compromised in many urban areas. Are you therefore wondering where to find the best app you can use to monitor real-time air quality?

Let me assure you that the might Google Play has it all and there’s no better option than Breezometer. This is my first recommendation for athletes, runners, cyclists and anyone doing outdoor sport activities, for parents to small children, as well as infants, along with asthma, lung or heart patients.

With the help of this app, you can see what you breathe in no less than 67 countries all over the world and I am not talking about general into, but teal time air quality maps are provided for specific areas. You can see how outdoor air quality looks like at your street, block and even the all country and get personalized health recommendations regarding what you should do, whether you’re at home or at the grocery store, planning a trip miles away from home and so on.

You can also choose to save your favorite locations and track their air quality 24/7, therefore doing your best to minimize your exposure to outdoor air pollution. And be sure that you get accurate results.

By using proprietary dispersion algorithms that calculates air quality in more than 300 million geographical data points every hour, Air Quality Index BreezoMeter understands how air quality moves and disperse. This is how you get highly accurate ambient air quality data in real time and at the highest resolution at the same time.

Have I convinced you to try it out? Air Quality Index BreezoMeter can be grabbed from here right away, just waiting to be installed on your Android device.

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