Manage and Clean Cloud and Device Storage with Unclouded

These days, with the increasing internet connectivity and improving speeds, cloud storage is a pretty good option for all of us. If you own an Android device, controlling usage of your cloud has turned into such an easy task since plenty of apps are handy and keep things in control for you. So, if you want an app that works smooth on your Android device and makes it a breeze to delete files that are no more useful, but still eating space, relocate them and analyze utilization of your cloud storage, I have no other option for you than Unclouded.

This is actually the perfect app for all those eager to manage and clean cloud and device storage with Unclouded. Since you are such a user, don’t hesitate to find out more about the features of this app in order to take the best decision for you and your handset.

The app that I am telling you about currently supports the two most popular cloud platforms – Dropbox and Google Drive. And besides what you already know, Unclouded also helps you mark the files and folders that have consumed large space and classify them by category, modification time and type, you can find out any duplicate files that you might have mistakenly saved on the cloud, you can always find out which files have been changed and when, you can easily search for files and much more.

Do you know that all these actions can be done while you are offline too? So yes, this app seems perfect! For that to be possible, you only have to sync the file list, and you’re good to go. And even if you may download it for free, in order be able to enjoy  the apps’ premium features like uploading, renaming and moving files, creating new folders and sharing links, you’ll have to spend $1.99.

I know which version I prefer between these two ones, but you know that it’s only your call. Grab Unclouded – Cloud Manager and keep things in control.

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