Profit from your Hard Work in Mobile Photography with Dreamstime

You don’t need me to tell you that there’s more you can do with your phone’s camera than taking selfies all day long. You could be making some real money, especially if you love taking photos. Don’t you know how to sell them? I might be able to help you since Dreamstime is especially designed to help mobile photographers profit from their hard work.

This photography site has been around for years now and they now have the app version as well. So, it works even easier for you! I am saying that since instead of creating one app for buyers and sellers alike, Dreamstime has created two.

It’s easier to have an app for brands and people looking to buy photos and one for photographers like you looking to sell pictures. I think this is a really nice approach that avoids confusions and kind of makes a statement on its own. You don’t need to focus your attention towards who might buy and what some might want. It truly maters what you like and if it’s supposed to happen, then it will happen.

Aren’t you fully convinced? Then, take a closer look at what exactly you are about to get:

What are the benefits of using this app?

There are quite a few, to tell you the truth. So, here I’ll name some of them:

  • The layout is convenient and you can begin uploading photos quickly;
  • You can upload any image you’d like with a resolution greater than 2.5MP directly from your smartphone or tablet running on Android;
  • All images from Google Drive, Google Photos, Fotor, Facebook, Dropbox and more, are accepted;
  • It will reach millions of potential customers;
  • The application is also a great way to track your sales and earnings, see image-specific statistics and get real-time sales notifications.

All these sound great, but I have to warn you about something. For some reason, the app gets renamed to Companion after installation. This is quite confusing and I have no explanation for that. I just accepted things as they are and so have other. And like it or not, there is no social network support.

Download Dreamstime now and try it out. You can sign up for a free account or sign into your existing Dreamstime account.

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