Check if App Notifications are Turned On for Facebook

When push alerts stop working on the Facebook Android app, you stop receiving the sound alerts. Maybe once you’ve complained that they are annoying, but you’ve got used to their presence. Many users think the samt these days. And when they eventually open the Facebook app, it shows the number of notifications normally on the notification icon. That’s clearly a problem that you have to fix.

Why is this happening? I might be able to help you with that. As you know, Android has a built-in notification setting for apps. You may easily turn notifications on and off for individual apps directly from the phone settings. However, there are times when you’ll find that the app notifications are turned off. This could happen due to some bug in the system caused by an app or for some other unknown reasons.

And when this happens, the push alerts stop showing up for Facebook. So, in order to check if app notifications are turned on for your favorite social media app, just follow the below steps:

How to Check if App Notifications are Turned On for Facebook:

  1. A first, you have to tap Settings on your phone;
  2. Then, hit Apps or Apps & notifications;
  3. Under Apps, tap Facebook;
  4. Tap App notifications;
  5. On the next screen, make sure notifications are turned on. If notifications are indeed off, then it’s time to tap the toggle to turn them on.

Wasn’t this the problem in the first place? Clearing app cache might also do the trick, depending on the Android device you are using. Give it a shot, you might get lucky. For that, you just need to enter into Apps under phone Settings. Hit Facebook right away, then Storage next. Under Storage, tap Clear Cache.

If notifications are still nowhere to be found after that, try reinstalling the Facebook app from the Play Store. It isn’t pleasant, I know it, but aren’t your notifications more important?

Any other tips up your sleeves about solving this problem? Let us know below.

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