Change the Pitch of a Song on Android

Have you ever thought of finding a way to change the pitch or speed of a song that you recorded, or even already in your files? Join the club! There’s though an app for everything on your Android device these days, so there’s no need to bother looking. Riff Studio is my suggestion for you this time. This is an app made by musicians, for musicians especially, but not only.

The user interface is clean and simple to understand and is the app is in continuous development. What can it do for you now? Well, you may easily set the pitch for any song or music files you want. At the same time, you can record and practice your desired songs over and over again by changing specific parameters including pitch or speed.

Besides these, you can set and hear the modified parameters in real-time, you do not need to wait for applying effects over the specific portion. So, what more could you be asking for? You have a complete, no-ads package that couldn’t get any better.

Riff Studio is therefore perfect for musicians practicing songs that require alternative tunings, or that are too fast to play along initially, and will help them get all the way to 250%.

How to Change the Pitch of a Song on your Android:

  1. At first, you need to get Riff Studio from Google Play Store. It is completely free and yes, no ads will bother you;
  2. Install it into your device;
  3. Open the app and tap on the Add song button at the top right bar;
  4. Select a song or music file from your music library;
  5. When the song is added to the playlist, tap on it and touch the mini player at the bottom to enter editing interface;
  6. There you can see the complete song loaded. You may now play and change the Pitch parameter by tapping on the “Pitch” option in the middle. Note that the app allows you to change the pitch within the range varies from -10 to 10;
  7. After setting the desired pitch and speed, you can return to the playlist;
  8. You must now tap and hold the currently editing song, and tap on the save button at the top.

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