First Look at The Non-LTE Galaxy Note 3 Lite Version

The South Korean manufacturer Samsung has been rumored to be working on a new device dubbed Galaxy Note 3 Lite that we have talked about last month. Despite of the fact that it will be released on the international market only around February or March this year, some of its details (like specs and features list) have been reveled for a while and they look attractive enough for some of us. But now it looks like there is another Galaxy Note 3 version Lite having the codename SM-N750 is also going to hit the market as a non-LTE variant of the Note 3 Lite, so we invite you to take a first look to what it will include:

This new Galaxy Note 3 Lite variant won’t have a very generous list of specs or at least that’s what we can assume if we take in consideration all the pieces of information recently revealed.

The Non-LTE Galaxy Note 3 Lite Version

The Non-LTE Galaxy Note 3 Lite Version

We are referring to a modest 720p LCD display, so be prepared to give up on the idea of enjoying the advantages of Super AMOLED technology, as well as an 8-megapixel camera downgraded from the original 13-megapixel one. And it also seems that this non-LTE Note 3 Lite will be running on Android 4.3, but hopefully Samsung will offer us an update soon after this model sees the light of the day.

A previous report has indicated that Samsung has big plans for its Galaxy Note 3 Lite versions (both LTE and non-LTE) as long as it has a target of reaching 30 percent of Galaxy Note 3 sales. We cannot be sure of anything at this point, but we think that this isn’t such an easy to achieve goal given the fact that this new model cannot even be compared to the original in terms of specs. Or maybe that’s exactly Samsung’s strategy of capturing the interest of new potential buyers with a smaller budget, as our source suggests. So, we’ll keep an eye on things for you as soon as this new Lite version reaches the market.

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