Dead Trigger 2 – Location Change and New Weapons from the Latest Major Update

Back in December, Dead Trigger 2 was updated to 0.2.5 version, but now we are talking about a new major update. This game is constantly changing, but there is no reason to be bothered about that; better said, it is improved and becomes even more enjoyable than before. You know that you can generally travel across different regions of the Earth, explore several environments and choose your favorite weapons for defeating your zombie enemies, so what is this latest update ready to offer? In the first place, we are talking about a major location change: last time, the action was set in China, but now you are going to start a new adventure in the amazing European continent.

And be sure that’s not all! Dead Trigger 2 comes with a set of new environments, improved weapons, and even a so-called friends system that includes chat. Do you want to find out even more? Then, here we have a detailed list just for you.

Dead Trigger 2

Dead Trigger 2

Recently added features:

  • What do you think about fighting for humanity in a new continent with nine different environments? Be prepared for cutting-edge graphics, including real time dynamic vegetation combined with city streets, countryside, warehouses and more to be discovered;
  • The update comes with three new weapons that you can choose from, perfectly able to provide a completely different gaming experience: FN2000, Spagin and Minigun! It might be called “Mini”, but just wait until you’ll see what it can do! And the permanent Money Booster we’ll double your mission income, so you’ll have more than enough money for buying them;
  • If you aren’t such big fan of classic Bandages, then this latest update bringing the Auto-heal gadget is just what you need;
  • And what could be better than sharing everything with your friends? As our source suggests, it’s time to make a list with all those people that you know who also love playing Dead Trigger 2 and start planning your next moves through chat.Those zombies have to be killed as soon as possible!

There is a reason for knowing this game as being set in the “addictive” category, so it’s enough to give it a try and you’ll know of what everyone is talking about! And surprisingly, even the original Dead Trigger was updated and now it can actually support the newest Android and iOS handsets with the highest graphic resolutions available.

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