Verizon’s Pre-paid Customers Finally Receiving 4G LTE Data

Have you ever thought about picking up one of Verizon’s prepaid plans, but the lack of 4G LTE phone support has made you reconsider this possibility? Odds seem to be working in your favor as long as all Verizon pre-paid customers are finally receiving 4G LTE data as a part of the carrier’s Allset plan. And we can tell you from the start that there is no reason to be worried about a potential bump in data speed. Verizon has made it very clear that is not changing its pricing for the service!

How does the New Verizon Plan sound?

Given the new conditions, for $45 a month, all users you’ll receive unlimited calls and texts, as well as 500MB of data. And if you decide to use Auto Pay each month, then you should know that the amount of data is doubled to 1GB. That is a method of adding more data to your plan without paying extra for it, but if it is not the option that you are looking for, then you can add another 500MB of data for no more than $5, while 1GB will cost you $10.

Are you ready to spend $20? Then, you can even buy another 3GB of data, but be careful about the availability of these offers.
Those 500MB of data will expire in no more than 30 days, while the 1GB or 3GB of data options have to be used within 90 days, or you’ll lose them as well.

The carrier will have Even More Costumers

Verizon had always been criticized for not offering a 4G pre-paid plan, but now that things have changed, we think that the carrier will have even more costumers.

Verizon has several 4G phones that will work with the Allset LTE plan, such as the Samsung Galaxy S5, HTC One (M8), Motorola Moto X, or Samsung Galaxy S4 and not only, so this aspect won’t be a problem!

And we also want to add that Verizon has a great network coverage and data speeds which are very good, so if the lack of LTE was the only thing keeping you away from a prepaid plan with the carrier, your waiting days have reached to an end! Just enjoy what the carrier is offering us!


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