Remove Items from LG G3 Notification Shade

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We all know that one of the major complaints with the LG G2 was the fact that the notification shade was full of stuff that we don’t really need, leaving such a limited space for actual notifications. That’s far from what we want and the company seems to understand that and this it probably why with LG G Flex, LG began to fix this issue by giving us the chance to add/remove the brightness and volume sliders.

And the story seems to continue with LG G3 as well, as the company made it possible to remove items from notification shade.

All things are god so far, but how can you do it? If you are also one of those people who want the notification shade uncluttered and clear, ready for use when you need it, you must follow the steps from below. Anyway, LG has found a solution for most versions of the device, but sadly, the list doesn’t include the AT&T and Sprint versions.

From what it seems, the AT&T variant (D850) doesn’t have this option as long as there are no sliders at all enabled, but it seems that you can at least add a Brightness toggle in the quick toggles bar.

As for the Sprint LG G3 version (VS985), it has volume controls with no way to remove it or add a brightness slider. But don’t worry; excepting these models, the procedure will work on all the other versions of the LG G3.

How to Remove Items from LG G3 Notification Shade:

  1.  In the first place, you must pull down the notification shade;
  2.  Swipe over in the top row and after that, don’t hesitate to tap Edit on the far right;
  3.  It’s time to uncheck all of the unwanted items such as Volume Slider, QSlide, Brightness or any other item that you don’t need;
  4.  Hit back and then pull down the notification shade to confirm that it’s finally clean, as it should always be!

We hope that you are enjoying the changes and don’t hesitate to head to our LG G3 How To article for finding out more tips and tricks for this handset. You’ll be surprised to see what it can be done with this LG device!

And if there is something that you are curious about and you haven’t found an answer to your question, the comments area is waiting for you! We’d be glad to help you!



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