How to Hide Files on your Galaxy S5

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Do you want to keep your files safe from prying eyes? We are not here to judge, but to help you. We are sure that you have your own reasons for doing that: maybe we are talking about some special pictures and videos or some files you simply don’t want anyone reading, or maybe you have a curious friend that always asks for your phone.

In one case or another, we can tell you that there are plenty of ways to hide them, but we are going to show you the most convenient one.

If for so many other Android devices, the only solution that you can take in consideration is installing third-party apps like Gallery Plus – Hide Pictures, TimeLock, or Hi App Lock and not only, we are here to tell you that Samsung Galaxy S5 makes things a lot easier than that.

We are saying that as long as it has a special built-in function called Private mode that lets you hide pictures, music, videos, as well as other sort of other files from family and friends, so here’s what you have to do:

How to to Hide Files on your Galaxy S5 by using Private Mode:

  1. For the beginning, you must enable Private Mode; in order to do so, just swipe down the status bar with two fingers to access the extended toggle menu which includes this Private mode; after tapping on it, go through the introductory steps and select the unlock method that you want: Pattern, PIN, Fingerprint, or Password;
  2. Go into your Gallery app;
  3. From here you can select the pictures or videos you want to hide by holding down on them;
  4. Once you have chosen all the pictures or videos, tap on the three-dot menu in the upper right-hand corner and select “Move to Private”;
  5. You can also choose the music you want to hide: from the Music app, do the same operation of holding down on the songs that you need to hide, tap on the three-dot menu and then select “Move to Private” once again;
  6. You can select any other file in order to hide it; go to the My Files application on your Samsung Galaxy S5 device, hold down on the file(s) you want to hide, tap the three-dot menu and select “Move”;
  7. You’ll immediately be asked where you want to move the files to; this time, Select Private, then choose whether you want to save it into a specific folder that can already be found there or create a new one;
  8. After you move it, you’ll see the file saved in your private storage;
  9. Return to your toggles and turn off Private mode – only by doing that your files will no longer seem to be there on the Galaxy S5 smartphone.

That was all! Moreover, if you want to retrieve your files, enable the Private mode toggle and enter the password, pattern, PIN, or scan your fingerprint, as you have initially chose. This will make your files return to where they normally are.

If you don’t consider one or more of these files as being necessary to be hidden, move them back to “normal” mode. For doing that, you must enable Private mode, head over to My Files, tap on Private, select the files you want to move, tap on the three-dot menu, and select “Move”. Then choose “Device storage” move the files to the appropriate folder, and select “Move here”.

Have you encountered any problem with this guide?

We hope that you haven’t, but in any case, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are here to help you discover more about your Samsung Galaxy S5 handset, so be sure that we’ll do our best to help you!

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