Enjoy iOS-like Assistive Touch on LG G3

If you are also one of those who would like to have an iOS style touch assistant on your LG G3 smartphone, be sure of the fact that your wish can come true. The stock LG G3 touch assistant cannot even be compared to the iOS ones, not to mention that changing the touch assistant on your G3 with this one is very easy. And the best part is that you don’t have to pretend that there is no problem, but you can take action.

The touch assistant that I am telling you about has all the functions from the iOS assistive touch and has an amazing new user interface that you are going to love. It also has a Home button shortcut key that can function as your Home button in case this one has been damaged in one way or another and even more, will make you feel the transition from an iPhone to this LG G3 device smoother than ever.

How can you enjoy it? Well, let me tell you the fact that the XDA Senior Member no14me has pulled the apk from a custom rom. The app should work on all LG G3 Stock roms and trust me when I am telling you the fact that the LGSettingsAccessibility.apk file is not meant only for people with physical impairments or for devices with faulty hardware keys like volume and home key. On the contrary, it has become popular among both Android and iOS users to use touch assistants as this one as they make accessing different functions and operations easier than ever.

And if you are worried about installing 3rd apps, let me tell you that you don’t need an external app for this purpose as it replaces the stock one and runs as an internal application, so carefully apply the guide:

How to Enjoy iOS-like Assistive Touch on your LG G3 Device:

  1. Download the LGSettingsAccessibility.apk file by accessing this direct link;
  2. Go to system/priv-app/LGSettingsAccessibility/; there you can find the original (LGSettingsAccessibility.apk) file in the folder;
  3. You have to copy the original file somewhere safe or simply rename the file with something you can remember if you ever decide to revert back to the original file or if something bad happens;
  4. It’s time to place the LGSettingsAccessibility.apk file in the same system/priv-app/LGSettingsAccessibility/ path;
  5. Set the permissions to rw- r– r– from properties;
  6. At the end, just reboot your LG G3.

Great job! Now, you have successfully prepared an iOS-like Assistive Touch for your LG G3, so start using it!