Verizon Nexus 7 LTE Confirmed

Verizon had some problems with the activation of the LTE, and users were upset for a few days about that. But now, the carrier states that the problems will be solved soon. Verizon wasn’t interested, at the beginning, in having the 2013 Nexus 7 on its 4G LTE network. After the complaining on the activation error, they stated that the device was not a part of their line up. Later on, a representative said that the device is not yet certified on Big Red’s 4G LTE network, this being the reason for the problems, but that they are working on getting certification.
According to our source, no date has been heard for the certification, but we assume it will happen by the end of the year. Recent statements from the carrier say that the 4G LTE certification process is in the final stages, so users might be getting LTE connectivity in October. Once it’s out, the device can be purchased from Google Play Store, for the same $349 price as the AT&T or T-Mobile versions. We can’t explain why Verizon didn’t want the Nexus 7 working on their network at first, but it’s good that users convinced them to change their minds.

Nexus 7 LTE carriers

Nexus 7 LTE carriers

Until the Nexus 7 LTE version will be available, let us remind you what specs you’ll be facing if purchasing the device. It will run Android 4.3 Jelly Bean OS, and the internal specs remind us of the Nexus 4: a quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro 1.5GHz processor, 2GB of RAM, 32GB of storage, a 1.2 MP front-facing sensor and a big 3,950 mAh battery for 9 hours of use or up to 300 hours of standby. It will also pack a 5MP camera and a 7 inch display at 1920×1200 resolution. Not bad, right? We’ll get back to you when we know the date for the LTE version release.

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