Flash OTA Updates on Nexus Phones without Losing Root

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Having root access on your Nexus device is many owners’ choice and if you are one of them too, I totally get you, but you know what problems appear when it comes to updating to a newer Android version. The regular OTA (over the air) updates won’t work in your case due to the modified system partition on your rooted handset and your only chance remains to do the update manually.

Sadly, this has nothing to do with keeping things as simple as possible. With all the custom ROMs that appear these days, there’s no universal step-by-step guide that covers every ROM, so I get your confusion. Do you want to enjoy the new version of the stock ROM without losing root or following any complicated procedures?

Be sure of the fact that I am here to help you! Well, it seems that the most recent version of FlashFire app (v0.27) gives you the possibility to install OTA update on a rooted Nexus phone even without losing root. So, if your Nexus phone is running on Android Marshmallow and is rooted with Chainfire‘s Systemless root method, then you can install the OTA update via FlashFire without losing root.

Even more, in case of not knowing, FlashFire is the on-device firmware flasher for Nexus and Samsung Galaxy devices, so don’t be worried when it comes to using it. The app is safe, it does not require a computer, so you do not need to run the complicated fastboot commands and even more, the result is guaranteed.

Let’s begin the procedure:

How to Flash OTA Update on your Nexus Phone without Losing Root:

  1. First of all, here you can find the most recent FlashFire Beta (v0.27), so take it right away;
  2. Install it onto your Nexus phone;
  3. When an OTA updated notification appeared on the handset, make sure it has been downloaded, but do not run the regular system installer;
  4. All you have to do is to open the FlashFire app;
  5. This will detect the OTA package and take care of the rest. All you have to do is sit back and relax!

Rooting guides that you might find useful:

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