Android 4.3 OTA Update Rolling Out For HTC One Unlocked Version

It is here and yet is not!

We already knew that the new 4.3 Android OS for HTC One will make its appearance by the end of September. And so it was, although a little bit surprisingly. Some people are already enjoying the new system’s features for almost 6 days already. The Taiwan people had the possibility to update their unlocked international HTC Ones by the date of Sept. 24, while the rest of us shall wait a little bit more.

Jason Mackenzie gave us some hope when he posted via Tweeter on Sept. 27 that the Unlocked version for US / Canada HTC One is out, but the deadline ( Sept. 30 ) will be “ slightly missed “. That was somehow to be expected taking into consideration the fact that these kind of changes to an operating system take time and the companies give optimistic prognostics almost every time. How much will that to be delayed, we don’t know yet, but updates are to come .

That is not a worrying matter, but instead it could be very good for the rest of us. It is very well known that in most cases of software and / or hardware matters the first ‘ offsprings ‘  to be sent out are very problematic. So why won’t we just sit back and wait for better ( yet not every time recognized like so) versions to come.

You will be glad to hear features like Blootooth LE, Open GL ES 3.0 support and improved low light photos will be added to your HTC One once the update will be available.

Android 4.3 announced on Twitter

Android 4.3 announced on Twitter

Considering the fact that Android 4.4 Kitkat is also expected in the not so far future, the fact that the deadline will not be respected is quite disturbing. It is a very strong possibility that HTC One users will not even get to fully get used to the change by the time the new system will be out for other devices. I hope that is not the case. Their deadline is today, on Sept. 30, so don’t hesitate to go to Settings > About Phone > System Updates and check if the update is available for you. That could happen any minute now.