Galaxy S5`s Battery Performs Great at Tests

Along with the improvement of smartphones, as they become more and more powerful, thus comes the necessity of a good and strong battery to sustain the devices` needs. And it seems that the fresh-new out of the box Samsung Galaxy S5 has indeed such a strong battery that can compete with those of its top rivals. First of all, the Galaxy S5 has an increased battery, from the 2,600mAh battery S4 put on the Galaxy, to a higher 2,800mh battery.

Yet, even if the improvement isn’t so impressive, the battery was put to some real tests to show if the device can handle the impressive hardware that lies beneath its case. Let`s see how was the Galaxy S5`s battery doing.

First of all, there was a web browsing test that the S5 successfully has carried out by lasting 10 hours of screen time, with a choice of display brightness. More than that, the Galaxy S5 has also managed to bit its competitors by being put to some gaming treatment along with some talk tests, where the flagship performed incredibly fantastic, better than the iPhone 5S or LG G2.

These simple yet soliciting tests have revealed that the Galaxy S5 can perform extraordinarily well, being able to score higher than its competitors, and standing in line with the tablets or phablets that sport a much higher battery capacity than the S5.

You can safely put your S5 to a series of hard tests yourselves without worrying that its battery will fail on you when needing it at the most, especially since the high-end device also comes with the Ultra Power Saving Mode option that can lets you use the device with a 10% battery life for up to 24 hours, by switching off all other features.


Samsung smartphone manufacturer launched the Galaxy S5 in February at the World Mobile Congress held in Barcelona, the device coming with some specs worthy of a high-end device, like a 5.1-inch touchscreen with full HD resolution, which is powered by a 2.5GHz quad-core Snapdragon 801 processor. More to it, a 16-megapixel camera promises to deliver top-quality photos due to its auto focus and image stabilization modes and 4k of video.

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