Why to choose Streamlined Light

There are various ways in which you can make your Android look amazing, but one of the easiest is by downloading an Android theme. We live in a world with plenty Android themes for a number of different launchers which are all free to install and use, yet none of them is like Streamlined Light.

There are many types of themes within Android, but only a few of them are minimalist in the true meaning of the word. If this is what you also want, then let me assure you of the fact that you are in the right place. You already know that a theme is the visual styling of your home screen, through the choice and use of launchers, wallpapers, widgets, icon packs, sounds, and other elements and Streamlined Light will definitely surprise you in a pleasant way.

The theme clearly derives its name from its theme philosophy. The developers have in mind making icon design a mesh between simplicity and style, their desire being to cover all possible icons that are themeable. Therefore, we get this free light base where you can preview all the icons if you hesitate to buy Dark base. The idea is that there is no difference or compromise between light and dark base for icons, so there is nothing more than you can ask for.

Streamlined Substratum theme is ideal for those who want a more minimalist look. The flat icons are turned into wire-drawn icons and you also have the option to choose a background color and an accent color. The background colors, no matter which you choose, are always a lighter shade.

Grab Streamlined Light by accessing this direct link.

Also remember that launchers are worthy of your attention; if you are looking for a change, they basically allow you to take advantage of tons of custom Android themes and icons, launching apps and more. Here you can find some of the most impressive launchers for your Android smartphone or tablet such as:

And no matter what launcher you prefer, the truth is that you need something to put up behind your widgets and apps. Wallpapers come from all corners of the internet, yet not all of them meet your demands, so let me come with a few suggestions:

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