Enjoy the Service of a Helpful Assistant on Android

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Most Apple users love Siri and claim that it is the best virtual assistant they could find! Android has its Google Now too and the two options resemble a lot, but don’t you imagine that this is all that you can get. There are more alternatives for the virtual assistance app Siri and one of the most popular ones is none other than AIVC (Alice).

Haven’t you heard of it? Well, let me tell you that it performs all the basic functions that Siri does and you can even customize the commands, can follow instructions, answer questions and the app even offers you some semblance of a two-way conversation.

So, the app can help you do things quickly and you get the chance to enjoy the service of a helpful assistant which understands more than just commands. After all, we can only expect receiving the best from developers of YourApp24. Do you want to give a try to Artificial Intelligent Voice Control (AIVC)? Just take the app from here and open it.

Then, you must touch the microphone icon and speak – Alice can assist you with calls, offer you translation services, navigate you in the right direction, set your alarm, give you the latest weather report and, take your SMS and email, launch apps and search images in no time.

Apart from making calls, sending messages and everything else that I have told you about, the app provides extensive feature of picking up new commands as you lay out a set of instructions for each of them. For that to be possible, all you have to do is to define what is to be done when a particular command is given and the app shall perform it for you.

Remember that I have only presented you the free version of AIVC. As you are probably used to hear, there is also a Pro version with additional features such as Play music, calendar, Google Places, TV-Receiver Control, Wake up mode and zero ads to bug you.

If this sounds much better, then grab AIVC (Alice) – Pro Version from here.

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