How to Take Advantage of Android Shine Launcher

Do you want more from your Android launcher? Could a 3D launcher be what you are looking for? If you are not yet convinced, let me tell you more about Shine Launcher and you will find for sure if it is for you or not. First of all, who doesn’t want to enjoy a 3D interface and 3D animations, amazing effects and interactive 3D widgets?

To be honest, Shine Launcher 3D has all these and even more, so I truly say that this is one of the best 3D launchers currently available. The user interface is incredibly smooth and it feels more real than ever with its amazing animations. Even more, moving between home screen pages or visiting the app drawer is as simple as it can be and don’t be fooled by the appearances.

There might be so many animations, but you have no reason to be worried about lags. I am using this launcher for a few weeks and I have never experienced any crushes or severe modifications in the battery life of my Android device.

How to Take Advantage of Shine Launcher:

  1. Take Shine Launcher from here;
  2. Now, let’s go over some of its most important features that are just waiting to be enjoyed:
  • There are no less than four traditional widgets in total; I am talking about 3 for clock, as well as 1 for a folder;
  • Note that all of these widgets have sleek animations. To be more precise, there is one analog clock widget, one digital clock widget, and one widget comes as some sort of combination of digital clock, calendar, weather and alarm clock;
  • There are also over 10 exclusive 3D widgets among I can mention Phone calls, Weather, as well as Notes;
  • The dock main application can easily change the length and angle; you can also choose to adjust the interface, icons, as well as the folders in the dock;
  • It has support for 9 motion gesture to control your device easily. I am referring to regular gestures such as swipe up, swipe down, double tap, pinch in, pinch out;
  • Hundreds of free themes are waiting to be enjoyed, not to mention the amazing 3d phone themes;
  • Don’t forget that you can also hose to make our own themes by designing various elements such as fonts, icons, etc.

Just have fun and don’t be afraid of trying!

Isn’t this the best option for you? Don’t worry; here you can find even more guides and I bet that the ideal launcher that you are looking for is not at all that far:

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