Have a Special Wallpaper that’s Exclusively Yours with Ditalix Live Wallpapers

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You know that we’ve come to a point in our existence where it’s no longer acceptable to settle for something basic when you can go for something amazing. Do you often make custom wallpapers for your Android phone or tablet? Are you interested on wallpapers with cars, artwork, nature or do you want something unique that cannot be seen on anyone else?

Whether you are a fan of nature or elegant wallpapers, whether you like to stare at your dream car all day long or take a peek at your cute pet, there are options for everyone. However, unlike how it is with desktop computers, there is little space for a wallpaper to take the spotlight on your Android device due to the limited screen size, so you should choose wisely.

If you really want a certain wallpaper that’s exclusively yours and you are not afraid to try, let me tell you that is just a fun way to bring a little more personalization to your phone. You can have a special wallpaper that just screams personality with the help of Ditalix Live Wallpapers.

In case of not knowing, this lets you create abstract and interactive live wallpapers that react to touch. How is that possible and how would you know how to do it? Well, there is nothing to worry about as long as the app doesn’t actually let you create live wallpapers from scratch, but it provides instead a very generous amount of customization options that can be applied on the existing wallpapers.

To be more precise, it comes with a user created wallpaper section from where you can download various wallpapers in different categories and after doing that, there is nothing stopping you from customizing them right away. In fact this is what I encourage you to do!

Ditalix Live Wallpapers gives you the wallpaper and then leaves the rest of the configuration to become your task. It comes with lots of shapes and patterns, settings and glow effects, not to mention all the animation effects, the possibility to choose duration, glow, grids, colors and much more. You can randomize settings to quickly create interesting themes or create some patterns don’t forget that you are supposed to have fun!

Take your time to create and then, you can share your live wallpaper on the web and vote on some of other user’s creations. However, let me tell you that this app uses Google accounts to authenticate users who want to upload their themes and all content is moderated, so have patience if you don’t see your theme immediately.

Ditalix Live Wallpapers can be taken from this direct Google Play link, so you know what you have to do!

If this isn’t for you, there are other options to choose from: you can design your own Live Wallpaper with Android Murtastic, give a try to Minima Live Wallpaper which has a generous set of shifting shapes and colors for your homescreen, or learn to Set a Live Wallpaper on Android in no time.

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