How to Force Power Off Samsung Galaxy S7

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If you find yourself in that annoying situation where your Galaxy 7 stops responding to touches, then you need a solution to get out of this as soon as possible. With a device like yours things are not at all easy. I am saying that as long as pulling out the battery has been the usual method for years and years, but with Galaxy S7, you cannot do that because the battery is non-removable. So, what is left for your situation?

The truth is that we have received a few complaints about this problem, so here’s this guide to address this very specific issue encountered by our readers. Don’t hesitate to keep reading to learn more about this problem and how to fix it.

Pulling out the battery is not possible, but the company thought of something else. To be more precise, it included a special feature that determines a force restart of the phone when it detects a software related problem. Your Samsung Galaxy S7 should practically reboot automatically when things don’t perform as they should, but things don’t always go as planned.

The feature doesn’t always work perfectly, so you have to manually force power off your Samsung Galaxy S7 instead of waiting for the feature to do its job. After all, you cannot sit and do nothing when a certain app stops responding and doesn’t let you get out of it, when you are experiencing constant force closes from an app, when your handset stops responding due to a software bug and so on.

Before starting, just make sure that your handset is charged to a minimum of 5%. If your battery is below 5%, then there are big chances not to power on after the reboot, so you’ll only make things worse.

How to Force Power Off Samsung Galaxy S7:

  1. Don’t jump straight to the procedure, but wait for about a minute to see if your Galaxy S7 initiates auto-reboot;
  2. If it doesn’t happen, it’s time to take action, so press and hold the Volume down and Power/Lock keys on the device for about 10-20 seconds. This combination performs a simulated battery disconnect;
  3. Your smartphone will vibrate and turn off;
  4. Then, it will reboot;
  5. Everything should work now as it normally does. However, if your Samsung Galaxy S7 boots into maintenance or safe mode, you must use Volume keys to navigate the menu and the Power button in order to select “Power” or “Reboot now” to restart your device in normal mode.

Hasn’t this solved your problem? Please provide all relevant information about your issue in the comments area or contact form so I can provide you with an accurate solution.

There’s are chances to find out that the problem was caused by a third-party app that may have crashed as long as there are still apps in the Play Store that have compatibility issues with Android M, so you must try booting the Galaxy S7 in safe mode with the help of this tutorial. Or things are even more complicated than that and a hard reset is the key.

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