Enjoy Two Roads on your Android Device

Do you want to try on something different? What do you say about helping a funny alien escape from a prison and get back home? Control the hero jumping between 2 roads, one on top of the other and proove that you have great reflexes in this Two Roads Android game.

When it comes to Two Roads, there are two chances. You might either love it, either say that this is not for you. After all, the gameplay is quite straightforward – you are in a spaceship-like tube that never seems to be ending and your only mission is of running forward. The hero can move along 1 of 2 roads, one at the bottom and one at the top of the tunnel. Jump from one road to another and do not hesitate to move from side to side to avoid obstacles.

You see lots of coins in your way and you already know that you have to collect them, but things are not that easy. There are some serious obstacles that you have to face: they are in the shape of blocks around you which you have to overcome; however, if it happens to make a mistake and hit with any of these blocks, there will be no chance to survive unless you have certain power ups.

What’s the matter with these power ups? Well, they are related to the coins that I have told you about from the start and they have some sort of a magnet to attract coins, but you can also choose to buy bonuses like speed boost or magnet.

Usually, in endless runners, an upward and downward swipe leads to jump or duck, but in this game, this leads to change in path. Swiping up sends you to the top where there is another path, so there’s pretty much where the name of the game is coming from.

As for music, it seems close to sci-fi, but not in a disturbing way. It actually keeps the players alert and that’s a good thing.

So that’s Two Roads and the decision is all yours! Do you want to have some fun and give it a try? If an interesting hero, nice graphics, useful bonuses, as well as simple controls are some of the elements that you have in mind, then Two Roads is for you. Take it right now with the help of this direct Google Play link and install it onto your Android device.