How to Use Android Shift to Edit your Photos

Thanks to all the improvements that have been made to smartphone cameras, no one can deny the fact that mobile photo editing is a real trend these days. We all want our photos to be liked and appreciated by others, so that is why we usually spend so much extra time tweaking them before sharing these photos with friends and family. Searching for photo editor apps in the Google Play Store is not as easy as you might imagine. A simple search will return enough results to make you confused, so there’s nothing wrong with asking some help.

Today I am thinking of such an app that might surprise you. I am talking about Shift which is simple and keeps you far away from any complications on your Android device. The app has a basic UI, so using it is a piece of cake. I can even say that Shift gives you the opportunity to create your own personal photo filters with the help of a simple tap of a button.

You just have to shuffle the effects and adjust the pointers to get the desired edit and after that, don’t hesitate to tap on the share button to save the file. The export option lies in the share section. The app automatically saves your last edit and preview the same when you get back to it.

However, I have to tell you the fact that the app works on random algorithms and this might turn into a problem for some of you. For example, even if you like the effect from your last try, you will never get back that effect. There is though a slider that always lets you adjust brightness and theme a particular effect and this is a major advantage. So, in the end, with no limit to the number of filters or the looks that you can create, you’ll have a perfect filter for all your photos.

There is yet another app just like Shift named Fragment, but I have to tell you from the start that this one isn’t available for free. However, I see no reason for purchasing this app because you can get the same – if not even more from Shift which costs you nothing.

Shift can be grabbed from here, so access this direct Google Play link and give it a try! Let me know if you like it or not!