King of Fighters ’97 available on Google Play

What should you do about your continuous thirst for adrenaline? We have a suggestion for you: the most recent old-school game available on Google Play Store known as King of Fighters ’97. Prepare yourself for the various endings that the game has to offer and become a part of a legendary team! We bet that you’ll be immediately captured by to its interesting storyline, amazing cast of characters and two special game modes, so here we have more details for those who are interested:

First of all, you can choose from no less than 35 playable characters and we are talking about popular names such as Terry Bogard and Kyo Kusanagi. Even more, you also have access to hidden characters such as Orochi Iori or Orochi Leona, previously available in the NEO GEO console.

King of Fighters ’97

King of Fighters ’97

We have also told you about two new game modes ( Extra Mode and Advanced Mode ), each one with different rules. In the Advanced Mode you have access to a variety of ways to bring pain to your enemy, not to mention that you have the possibility to unleash deadly Desperation Moves or to receive extra Power gauges even though you’ve lost a round. When it comes to the Extra Mode, things are a little bit different. For example, you can fill the Power gauge in order to enter Power Max mode for a specific amount of time, or if you are close to dying, the health bar will change its color into red and you’ll have a chance to save yourself by unleashing the Desperation Moves to your heart’s character.

Besides that, you can opt to play the game as with four buttons, as well as using the six-button configuration which also includes the helper button. And if you like spending time with your friends, then you can play against them through Bluetooth Multiplayer mode. All you have to do is challenging them via Bluetooth Multiplayer and you’ll enjoy together some quality time.

If you’re already convinced that King of Fighters ’97 is what you are looking for, then prepare $3.99 and take it from Google Play Store.