How to install ARISE Sound Mod on Android

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You are aware of the fact that you can find various MODs which will help you enhance the sound experience on your Android device, not to mention that all popular manufacturers such as Samsung, LG, HTC, Asus, Huawei, or Lenovo have been working hard on bringing out a unique sound quality on their latest Android smartphones.

But as I have said it from the start, I know that many of you want more, so after selecting the best Sound MOD for your Android phone, you might get confused among the popular options like VIPER, Dolby Atmos and others. This confusion can be paved off by flashing a composite of all these, so you get the best from every single option. By flashing a composite MOD, you will have the chance to select the sound effects of your choice, activate and deactivate the one you like on the go.

The MOD that I want to tell you more about easily does all these. I am referring to ARISE Sound Mod. So, this is a composite sound mod which brings together some popular sound mods such as Dolby Atmos, eXtremeBeats, Harman & Kardon sound effects, like Viper4Android, as well as libraries from a lot of other audio enhancement mods and even sound libraries from popular music players like Neutron music player, Sony Music DSP, USB Audio player and not only.

Are you afraid of complex controls and any sort of complicated installation procedures? You should not be scared at all as long as once you install the ARISE sound mod, it installs the sound effects in your system in no more than a few seconds. You just have to be careful about something: if you have any other sound mods on your Android phone, make sure to remove them before installing ARISE sound mod or else applying the steps from below is in vain.

Learn How to install ARISE Sound Mod on Android:

  1. Download the ARIS Sound mod by accessing this direct link;
  2. Up next, you have to copy it to your phone’s storage;
  3. Reboot to recovery mode on your device (these procedure will definitely help you);
  4. In the custom recovery, select the option that says Install;
  5. Then, you have to click on the ARISE sound mod zip and swipe to flash the mod;
  6. Reboot your Android device to keep the changes;
  7. That’s it. Play some music on your device after the reboot and you’ll definitely notice a significant improvement in the sound quality.
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