Beat Stomper is Very Difficult to Beat

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Beat Stomper is a perfect combination of Geometry and music. Yes, that’s true that this comes as an action arcade game played with one button control, but you will see that this could bring you endless fun. Jump, Hold, Stomp – these are the basic features of this game, but don’t laugh as the game is actually very difficult to beat. If you get a score of above 300, then this game will become ad-free. New themes and music are unlocked after every 50 points.

Beat Stomper is all about “Jumping” and “Stomping”, mixed in with some of the coolest graphics ever found in a mobile game! This time, you have a precise mission: to jump up a staircase like set of moving platforms as far as possible without falling to your death.

The game looks rather simple and sure, at a very basic level it’s a pretty standard vertical high score chaser, but don’t let yourself fooled into thinking that. The controls you’ll use to play this Android game will keep you alerted at all time – tapping once will make your character jump, and by tapping a second time, it will crash down, stomping down on whatever is below you.

Plus, there’s that devious split-second hesitation before every stomp that can easily throw off even the most hardened of mobile gamers.
Although there are no doubts about the fact that there are plenty of games similar to this already on Google Play, finding another game which is so perfectly in sync with both the in game music and effects is an impossible mission. I am saying that as long as the music is wonderful, the visuals are way beyond any expectations, with the graphical effects to match the style of music and the gameplay is both classic and innovative.

You have to try it out to see all these. Let’s get stompin’ with Beat Stomper which can be taken from here!

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