Ivy (Sidebar, Widgets, RSS) is an Awesome app Switcher for Android

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Android, as every other piece of technology, is developing faster than ever these days and we all love the changes. Android is one of the best OS to provide multitasking functionality with apps. The major difference between multitasking in Android and iOS is that iOS suspends the process of the app when it’s not used, but things are different in Android.

In this case, the process keeps running even when the app is closed so that other apps can also make use of those processes. That is why you’ll find Android smartphones with more RAM. And to make things even better, there are plenty of apps that give a totally new dimension to the multitasking functionality on every handset.

Ivy is such an example of an awesome app Switcher for Android, but I must tell you from the start that this one is a bit different than other app switching apps as it not only provides you access to multiple apps among which you can switch quickly, but it does much more than that.

To be more precise, the very same app also shows you time, contacts, date, app drawer, etc. With Ivy, you can add widgets and RSS news on the quick panel. For RSS, you various topics like technology, sports, etc. and note that every single topic has multiple news sources.

Ivy (Sidebar, Widgets, RSS) is all about convenience! The quick panel gives snippets of valuable information to give you glimpses of the things you need to know without having to go to another app. Stay up on news without even having to launch a specific app, or get the information you need from widgets right away without the need to go all the way to the home screen.

Ivy (Sidebar, Widgets, RSS) is waiting for you here, so why not trying it out as soon as possible? Take it now if you are curious and don’t postpone something that could make your Android experience so much better!

Any feedback and suggestions are appreciated, so don’t hesitate to use the guide from below. And if you like the app please share it with friends and family as they might need something like Ivy too!

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Popa Loredana

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