Trigger your Adrenaline Levels with Born Biker

Get your biker game on with the amazing Born Biker! Some may say that this is a very simple game, but I would add that it is also extremely addictive and can help you kill your extra time like no other game! I love how this game is very challenging as you are supposed to explore the world of bike adventures with over 20 levels of adrenaline triggering levels and you will never have a chance to get bored.

For that to be possible in the first place, just choose your bike among the 10 available bikes (yes, just take a pick as they are all with superior suspension and realistic biking physics) and use intrinsic controls to ride your bike through the challenging racing tracks that lay ahead of you.

Maybe you want to become the best biker, but for that to be possible you have to perform stunts and score exciting rewards all along the way for bonuses. And let’s not forget that surviving till the end is another challenging task that cannot be completed that easily! That is why I must tell you that if you are going to get through this game, then you have to be prepared for lots of repetition – you’ll get better in time and you’ll learn tricks that will help you win big rewards in the Daily challenge to upgrade your already super bike!

Even more, Born Biker combines clever game design with a strategy that’s rarely found in such games. I am talking about that special Level Editor feature that gives you the chance to create custom-made levels and no, you don’t have to keep them for yourself. Quite the opposite, you are encouraged to publish them for you and your friends to enjoy. After all, that’s the point of the feature and remember that your mom told you to stop being greedy and share what you have with others…

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Do you think that you cannot be defeated in this racing world? I don’t want to ruin your good impression about yourself, yet I must tell you that things aren’t always as we see them. Try and beat the Editor’s Choice levels in Born Biker and only after that you can say that you are a champion!

What do you say about that? Born Biker waits for you right here! Have fun and keep on checking more Android games that will feed your wish for getting the best!

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