No more Distraction – Cold Turkey Can Help You

Are you looking for a way to block all distractions on your Android handset to help to get your work done? After all, what better way to fight a software addiction than using another software? Well, some apps might help you at this chapter, but Cold Turkey is the best one, so I’ll get straight to presenting it to you.

Cold Turkey is an amazing app that you can use to temporarily block yourself off of popular social media sites, addicting websites, online games and whatever else you want out of your digital life for a while.

So, I have told you that Cold Turkey lets you block out certain web sites that you go to for distraction for a set amount of time, making it easier to stay focused while you’re working. How exactly is this working? Well, you can select options from the list that comes with the app, or you can add your own, manually. Once you’ve chosen which sites to block and turned on Cold Turkey, you can no longer visit those sites. If you try, you’ll only receive a message that the Web page could not be accessed, just like the one you’d get if you weren’t connected to the Internet. However, all the other sites will work fine.

And while other distraction blocker apps have some sort of a trick to unblock the device, let me tell you from the start that this isn’t the case for Cold Turkey. Once it blocks your Android device, there is nothing that you can do about it. You have to accept the situation and keep on working on something else! You will still be able to tap your home button, but I can tell you for sure that no other apps will be able to start. Additionally, you will still be able to take out your battery to restart your device, just in case of emergencies.

Even more, the layout of the interface makes selecting the sites you’d like to block and setting the time frame as simple as you’d want from such an app. Instructions are clear, and you don’t have to go digging around to find the features that you need to use, so Cold Turkey has a familiar feel and an ideal interface that you cannot complain about!

However, I have to warn you about something; if you are simply curious to see how much time you have left or add another site to your blocked list while the program is in effect, there is no way to access such a timer from the task bar. I just say that it would be a great feature, but even without it, Cold Turkey is great!

Download Cold Turkey with the help of this direct link.