Android SketchBook – draw and paint for Creating a Masterpiece

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Let me tell you more about one of the very best Android drawing tools that you can find on the Play Store, with a fully customizable brush set and some special editing tools that. I am talking about SketchBook – draw and paint which is designed for people of all skill levels, who love to draw, providing full control over the finest features, and also comes with support for pressure sensitive stylus like those in the Note series.

Sketchbook has all the power and efficiency that you might be expecting from such an Android app – this is something that you need to know from the start! To be more precise, the app comes with a variety of drawing tools and brushes, all of which you can customize as you’d like them to be. Just let me tell you that you can use over 10 preset brushes and highly customizable pencils, as well as pens, brushes, and smudge tools for the best drawing experience even.

The app also features layer-based editing with up to 3 layers, as well as 16 blending modes. Users can also zoom in up to 2500% on the canvas for better control over small details. And don’t forget about the usual pinch to zoom, a gallery organizer and support for saving and storing your works to Dropbox or iCloud, which are a must if you truly care about your work, not to mention that the tools also include symmetry and proportional transform, and quick taps for undo, redo, and clear screen.

SketchBook features both synthetic pressure sensitivity, and real pressure sensitivity for supported devices like the Galaxy Note series.

Do not hesitate to create a free Sketchbook account to gain access to more features such as layer and symmetry tools, but I must tell you something that you have probably anticipated form the start: there is a premium subscription which can unlock more pro tools such as an expanded brush library and more powerful layer and selection tools.

I don’t know about you, but I have been convinced of the fact that this app can help when it comes to creating a masterpiece a long time ago. Take it from here and convince of that by yourself too.

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