Make your Videos Perfect to be Shared on Social Media with VUE: video editor & camcorder

People like to shoot videos to preserve life memories and share their life with family and friends. With the fast development of Android smartphones, we can all shoot whenever we want with our devices. However, this doesn’t change the fact that videos captured by Android phones and tablets are not enough, but we must also do some editing work for better results.

Your presence here is a sign that you agree with that, so let me tell you more about an option that I am sure that won’t disappoint you.

VUE is a video recorder and video editor that lets you do some pretty good editing right on your Android smartphone. It has never been easier to capture art videos, to smartly edit them through adding filters, stickers or montage. And I bet that you will be excited to find out that this VUE video editor is also perfect for making selfies thanks to its Cosmetic effect when transferred to the front camera.

Even more, wide and ultra-wide aspect ratio is supported, you can enjoy no less than 12 carefully-selected filters from film professionals to cater to all your needs no matter if you are looking for documentary effects or artistic expression, not to mention that VUE: video editor & camcorder comes with more than 30 designer stickers for you to choose from.

You can do all these even without using the computer. I make no mistake by saying that VU is reliable, yet not as powerful as the video editors that we see on a computer. But keep in mind that it is not meant to be that powerful. It is sleek, it lets you add a few amazing filters, stickers, montage, music and so on and it makes your videos perfect to be shared on social media.

If you are also looking for a special media like app which enables easy video editing and sharing them to your own groups, then you should take this option in consideration!

VUE: video editor & camcorder waits for you here.