Play Zombie Gunship Survival Before Its Official Release

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Zombie Gunship Survival has been in soft-launch for quite some time, but now we finally have a release date: May, 2017. So, this is around the corner and yet, I bet that some of you might like the idea of being one step ahead. You can now play Zombie Gunship Survival even before its official release and there is no one blaming you for wanting that.

After all, this new game brings a few new things that users will definitely love: I am talking about more powerful weapons to help you blow those zombies up more effectively, not to mention the changes in visuals and the powerful ground troops that now take place of all those frightened civilians looking to save their life.

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The Zombie Gunship Survival game is only officially available for download in the Philippines, but there are ways around region restrictions that allow anyone to play the game regardless of their location. Let me be clear from the start about the fact that any mid-range handset to flagship ones made within the past three years will support the game as long as it is running Android 4.3 or higher.

And for the procedure to work, you must also have “Unknown sources” enabled in Settings.

Play Zombie Gunship Survival Before Its Official Release:

  1. Grab Opera VPN from here;
  2. Now, install it into your Android handset;
  3. You can open the Opera VPN app at any time to configure certain aspects that will make your wish true.
  4. Therefore, just follow the prompts to enable the VPN service;
  5. Up next, you need to then set your location to Philippines;
  6. Grab the APK installer file;
  7. You need to tap the Download complete notification;
  8. up next, press Install when prompted, and you’ll be all set to go.

If you use a VPN on your device you can spoof your location to Philippines, where the game is soft-launched, and play it with no errors. However, if you aren’t trying to jump through VPN hoops, then look for the global rollout in around three weeks time.

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