Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Coming in Red and White Gold

Two new colors will be added to Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3 portfolio. Starting with January, Note 3 will be available in two different colors and namely red and white gold. Originally launched in the now customary black and white hues, the alleged red and white gold Note 3 models will become a part of a more refreshing set of products. While the both colors will be available around the globe, in U.S, some carriers or retailers might have a period of exclusivity with one or even both colors.

Compared to Samsung’s galaxy S4, the Note 3 handset was launched in only two standard colors as we can notice in most smartphones. It is worth mentioning the fact that along with these two basic colors, there was also a pink variant too but that one was pretty hard to find, and it was sold exclusively to some particular retailers. This will no longer be the case with the red and white gold models in January. Apparently, both of these colors will be offered at almost all retailers and stores.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Coming in Red and White Gold

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Coming in Red and White Gold

However, these two brand new models will not be launched at the same time. Apparently, the red version will be launched sometimes in the first week while the White Gold model will follow her two weeks later. These are only some alleged time frames. Samsung did not offer something official in this respect so far, but both of them will be made available by the end of the new year’s first month.

What it is worth mentioning is the fact that besides the happy lively aspect, the Note 3 in red or White gold will not receive anything else. There will be no change in specs and users will get the same amazing features as used to Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

With the new trend of colorful portfolio of products as seen since Apple brought its new iPhone in several colors and Nokia Lumia comes to in more than 4 different colors, Samsung considered that now it is the time to make part of this new fashion trend. In this respect, Korean company decided to launch the two different versions for the Note 3 handset.

First unveiled back at IFA 2012 in September, Samsung Galaxy Note 3 offers a notable 5.7-inch display with a 1920 x 1080 pixel Full HD resolution and 386 pixels-per-inch image density. In the same time, the “phablet” is powered by a 2.3 GHz quad-core processor, 3 GB of RAM and a 13 MP rear-mounted camera. In addition, the handset comes in a set with Samsung’s S-Pen stylus.

Source: SamMobile

  • I hope the Red version arrives soon in the UK. I’m hoping to buy one during Christmas.