Enjoy Galaxy Note 8 Live Messages

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After an incredibly long wait, I have finally gotten my hands on the shiny new Samsung Galaxy Note 8. The Note 8 is a powerful device with so many new features that I cannot even remember what happened a year ago with the previous handset model.

Samsung’s newest stylus can do more than ever before. One of the newest features is Live message and I make no mistake by saying that it makes me think of Apple’s Digital Touch feature. Well, Live Messages will let you draw or write a message, and then share it in animated form.

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To be more precise, by using the S-Pen, you have the possibility to draw on top of a photo or handwrite a message, and the Note 8 will record every pen stroke. The shared image is a standard animated GIF and should be playable regardless of the service used to send it, so how not to enjoy Galaxy’s Note 8 Live Messages?

Step by step Guide for getting to the bottom of this feature:

  1. First of all, you must grab the S Pen, which will automatically launch the Air command menu;
  2. Then, don’t hesitate to tap the Live message icon;
  3. Feel free to adjust the stroke style, color, and thickness using the controls on the left-hand side, or add a backdrop from your photo gallery by tapping the Background button;
  4. Sketch as you want, master your work and press done;
  5. Then, this will convert to a GIF, animating what you just sketched, and you can share it to any social media app or messaging app that accepts GIFs.

Following up the real disaster that was the Galaxy Note 7 was never going to be easy for the Korean manufacturer, but I must admit the fact that I am surprised. Share your opinion below and let me know if you think the same and love your new Galaxy Note 8.

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