Take Alcatel One Touch Idol X Plus Stock Wallpapers on your Android Handset

Do you want a new wallpaper? I know what you must be thinking of, but maybe it’s time for something different. It’s not like you’re just limited to the photos you take and the wallpapers that came with your phone, but let me remind you the fact that there are millions of wallpapers out there just waiting for you to set them as your own!

After all, there is no secret that one of the many desirable aspects of the Android operating system is the ability to customize the look of your device to however you see it fit. Speaking of that, do you think that the Alcatel One Touch Idol X Plus stock wallpapers could find their place on your Android handset?

In case of not knowing, Alcatel One Touch Idol X Plus comes with a number of no less than 11 high-quality stock wallpapers with a 1080 x 1920 px resolution. Do you see at least one that you like? If so, don’t waste any more time and follow this simple guide:

How to Take Alcatel One Touch Idol X Plus Stock Wallpapers on your Android Handset:

  1. The Alcatel-Idol-X-Plus-Stock-Wallpapers.zip waits for you right here;
  2. Select a location for the wallpapers from the zip such as the desktop as you have to access the zip right away;
  3. Then, extract them;
  4. Use your handset’s original USB cord in order transfer the wallpapers to your current device;
  5. Then, you need to enter into the Settings option;
  6. Up next, just select an image from the new 11 wallpapers coming from this Alcatel device;
  7. I don’t know what device you might have, so you must either touch the OK or the Set Wallpaper button. In any case, be sure that this will set the wallpaper to its new place!

Remember the fact that all the images are in full HD quality, so be sure of the fact that they all look good even on smartphones with full and quad HD displays.

And there is one more thing that I want to remind you of: live wallpapers. A live wallpaper is an animated image that takes the place of a stagnant image on your homescreen. Some live wallpapers can even react to certain gestures or motions on the device, so I am sure that you can find some great choices.

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