Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo Leaked With Full Specs

Up until now, there were little or nothing known about the “Lite” version of Samsung Galaxy Note 3 setting foot on the stage in a couple of weeks. But some leaked documents proved to confirm that the “Lite” is actually the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo. Was it nothing but a diversion strategy that Samsung was putting on a show to see the reactions of the media or of its consumers? We will never know. What we do know is that we have every detail about the Note 3 Neo. Well, almost.

If we take a closer look at the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo, we might just see nothing than a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 receiving some minor touches, rather than a worthy version of the Note 3. Why saying this? Well, the Galaxy sports the same 5.55” with Super AMOLED display as its Note 2 fellow, an 8 MP rear camera and a battery of 3,100mAh.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo Leaked with Full Specs

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo Leaked with Full Specs

Quite disappointing so far, right? The way things are going might leave me disappointed, as our source stabs the knife into my little heart even more, mentioning other common features I was hoping not to hear of. I am talking about the same 2 GB of RAM and 16GB of internal storage. Hey Samsung developers, why come so cheap?

Considering all that, it turns out to be quite good as Note 3 Neo is finally received some change with its new 1.7GHz dual+1.3GHz quad-core (Hexa) processor. Other than that, the document didn’t mention anything about the processor clock speed or other important features, but it is definitely a step forward from the Note 2`s 1.6GHz quad-core.

As for the way Galaxy Note 3 Neo looks, it actually enhances the same back cover in faux leather as its close related Samsung Galaxy Note 3. That is perhaps the other plus that the Note 3 Neo managed to pull out.

What do you think folks? Would Galaxy Note 3 Neo prove to be worthy of the name Samsung or not?